Lead Walker

Walking their designated route and providing on-the-day coordination


what's the role?

We’re looking for capable and enthusiastic Lead Walkers to walk each of the 20 route sections of between 3 and 9 days.

Your job as one of two lead walkers is to walk one of the route sections (or possibly part of a route
section) and be the central point of contact on the day for the RSTL and all other volunteers, including communicating with groups doing meet and greets. You will also be responsible for the on-day map reading, so a love of maps is a bonus! We will make sure you receive additional briefing in walk leading, first aid and safeguarding so that you are equipped to lead the walk. Though not essential, helping with
local recruitment and promotion on social media would also be a bonus.

what's the time commitment?

3 Walking Days (minimum) plus additional time for briefing.

Image by Natalie Pedigo

sounds good?

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If this role isn't right for you, have a look at some of the roles below that might interest you, or return to our Relay Homepage to see what other roles we have available.

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