Accommodation Host

Provide walkers with somewhere to stay for a night.


what's the role?

Your job as an accommodation host is to provide a single night of accommodation during the relay, which could be anything from a spare room to a church hall floor. On most days, accommodation will
only be provided for the two Lead Walkers who are typically walking multiple days, however we plan to
arrange limited multi-day pilgrimage sections so if you or your community are able to offer more
accommodation, we would love to hear about it!

Any of the following would also be gratefully received, especially for Lead Walkers: hot dinners, hot drinks, hot showers, warm welcome and warm conversation! We are really hoping that the pandemic and the need for Covid restrictions will be behind us for the vast majority of the route, however, if this is not the case, all regulations in place at the time will be adhered to.

Though not essential, helping with local
recruitment and promotion on social media would also be a bonus.

what's the time commitment?

On the Day.

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sounds good?

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