Talk to your mp

We want MPs to sign our pledge for just climate finance ahead of COP26.


And we need your help to make this happen. By asking to meet your local MP and talking with them about the Relay to COP26 and climate finance, we can ensure no country is pushed into debt as a result of fighting climate change 

Keep scrolling to find out how to meet your MP, or see our How-to-Guide for more detail.

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What are we asking for?

If you’ve had any contact with the Relay you’ll know we’re passionate about climate finance. Let’s be clear, there can be no COP26 deal without a finance deal. We need the UK government to lead an ambitious discussion around climate finance. 


We’re calling on the UK government to:


  1. Reinstate the aid budget to 0.7% GDP

  2. Secure agreement from rich countries to meet and exceed the decade-old commitment of $100bn a year for climate finance

  3. Provide finance for climate-induced loss and damage; the costs incurred by climate impacts which cannot be adapted to. 

  4. Push for the debts of the world’s poorest countries to be cancelled so they can better confront the climate crisis and other urgent priorities

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How can your MP support YCCN?

The way MPs can show their support for the Relay is by signing our pledge. They can add their voice to ours by asking that the UK, in its role as the host, makes sure the $100bn is on the table ahead of COP26.


meet your mp


Find out how to contact your MP by doing a postcode search here.

Ask to meet your MP: 

  • Use our template email/letter. Just copy and paste the text into your email and fill in the blanks. It’s a great idea to refer to something Climate Justice related they’ve done in the past saying something like “I know this is an issue you’re interested in because…”

For more resources on inviting your MP to events see our How-to-Guide.

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Write to your MP

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Posting on social media

Find out how to contact your MP by doing a postcode search here.


Send them a succinct, personalised email. If you want to use our template you can find it here. Just copy and paste the text into your email and fill in the blanks. Letters work best when they are personalised and talk about your experience. 


Let us know what response you get, and email us for advice on following up. Our email is  


Find your MP’s Twitter handle by doing a postcode search here


Post a photo of yourself and your friends taking part in the Relay or at a Residency Event, and tag both @YCCNetwork and your MP. Make sure to also use #RiseToTheMoment.


If you don’t know what to write under your post when referring to YCCN and Climate Finance, feel free to use our template social media posts.

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Call your mp


You can find your MP’s office contact number by doing a postcode search here


If you don’t know what to say to your MP’s office when calling them, feel free to use our ‘Calling your MP’ template.

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frequently asked questions


How does my MP sign the YCCN pledge?

To sign the pledge, all an MP needs to do is email to express their support and desire to sign the pledge. We’ll do all the rest!

My MP has signed the pledge. What now?

1- Spread the word. One way of spreading the word is sending your MP a Template Press Release, that they can host on their website, which details and celebrates their support of YCCN and our asks. You can find the template press release here. 2 - You can also send your MP some YCCN props that they can take pictures with and share, celebrating their support. You can find MP props here. 3 - Press and Media. Take lots of photos of your MP at a YCCN event and see if you can get these pictures in local media outlets, you can also post about them on your social media. Use this template to send pictures of your MP event to journalists.

I’m in Scotland and I also want to engage my MSPs.

If you are in Scotland, YCCN is suggesting that you write to your MSPs as well as your MP and invite them to a meeting. If you don’t know what to write to your MSPs, feel free to use this letter template. Just copy and paste the text into your email and fill in the blanks. Letters work best when they are personalised and talk about your experience. Find how to contact your MSPs by doing a postcode search here.

My MP has said ‘no’ to signing the pledge. What now?

If an MP does not want to publicly support the Relay or sign the YCCN pledge, you can ask your MP to instead send this cover letter to Liz Truss on your behalf.

Record your Political Action!

When you do any of the above actions make sure you send an email to the Political Advocacy team ( telling them what you’ve done and who you’ve contacted.

What else can I do?

YCCN are not alone. Christians around the world are coming together this year to rise to the moment for climate justice. Christian Aid is doing just that. - Find out more about Christian Aid. - Find out how Christian Aid is engaging with MPs - Download their prayer boat activity pack to do with your church - Pledge to prayer in support of the Relay