What is climate justice?

"It’s about the well-being of all people and places, and God’s intention for all creation to flourish.” - Rachel

“Climate justice is a recognition that climate breakdown doesn't affect us all equally: rich nations and people have done the most to cause it, and poorer nations and people are often the most vulnerable to its effects. It means decarbonising the economy in a way that doesn't hurt the economically vulnerable, prioritising the needs of developing nations, and protecting people from the changes that are already irreversible.” - Darren

"It demands a shift in our priorities from endless economic growth for the Global North, and towards a genuine and sustainable commitment for equitable human and natural flourishing, everywhere." - Sarah

What does Jesus have to do with the environment?

“Jesus is both the creator and redeemer who reconciles “all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.” (Colossians 1:20) This means the good news about the reign of God applies to all creation. It also means that as Christians, who accept Jesus’ Lordship over all, we accept the purposes God has for creation and we can no longer act for only for our own convenience.” - Rachel

“Jesus shows a radical love for the world, a love that sees value in the life of every human, animal and living part of Creation. This love extends across time, asking us to take responsibility for those we have never met and will never meet, in recognition of our shared humanity.” - Beatrice

"Jesus dying on the cross gives us hope that He will renew all things – including our world. As part of this promised Kingdom, our actions now have everlasting consequences. We can work with Jesus in the greatest renewal project ever – how exciting!" - Alice

What does this have to do with us as Christians, now, today, here?

“We too are called to be part of this world, to treasure that which God treasures and to join with him in creating life, not death, on this earth.” - Naomi

“If we don’t honour what God has created, respecting the balances and rhythms he has designed, we position ourselves in opposition to the sustaining work of Jesus.” - Anna

“We need to repent for the ways in which we have harmed the environment throughout the millennia humans have been living on planet earth, and to act upon our responsibility as stewards of our planet." - Alice

“Collectively, we have inherited the wonders of this world. Our faith calls us to open myself to the multiplicity of others’ experiences and to help build a beloved community." - Beatrice


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