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Climate Justice

What is it? What does Jesus have to do with it? What does this have to do with us as Christians, here, today, now?

We all have different insights into climate justice and have included quotes from some of our members to give a breadth of the different views.

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What is Climate Justice?

Climate justice is about the human, social, and political dimensions of global warming. It recognises that those already suffering most from the effects of climate change are often those who have done the least to cause it.​

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Jesus is both the Creator and Redeemer of all things, showing radical love for the world and giving us hope in the renewal of all things through His death and resurrection.

What does Jesus have

to do with it?


What does this have

to do with us as Christians?

A call for climate justice is a call for a system that no longer relies on exploitation of people, communities, and the earth.


Following Jesus means following his radical call to love and care for our neighbours. This includes seeking climate justice.