Residency Support

Helping the Residency Hub Team Leader (RHTL).


what's the role?

Your job as Residency Support would be to bring your skills, ideas, and expertise to help the Residency Hub Team Leader (RHTL) in whichever ways you’re able. Ideally, you’d bring in a few people around the RHTL and form a team that shares the tasks of organising the Residency Hub jointly. At the lowest level, you may be running a service or event as part of a local group/church you’re a member of, and feeding
back all the relevant information about this back to the RHTL.

what's the time commitment?

1-2 hours per week for two months; this will vary a lot depending on the scale of what you plan in this capacity. It will be more time intensive in the fortnight ahead of the Residency Hub.

Image by Natalie Pedigo

sounds good?

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If this role isn't right for you, have a look at some of the roles below that might interest you, or return to our Relay Homepage to see what other roles we have available.

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