relay values

Our core team put together these values in the initial planning process to communicate the heart of this relay, and our plans for how we hope to see it grow.


This affects everyone, and everyone is needed.

This Relay welcomes, and needs, people from all parts of the church: from across the UK; from all ethnic, class and gender identities; and from all denominations and creeds.

We want people to feel welcomed and celebrated, no matter their current level of engagement with issues of climate justice.

It is not a hierarchy of age, ability, experience or knowledge. Rather, we seek to continually learn from each other, meeting each other in humility and generosity.

Image by Kimson Doan
Image by Ian Schneider
Celebratory, Generous,

Our commitment to climate justice stems not from fear or guilt, but from our love for God, for our neighbours, and for creation.

We draw our strength from the joy of the Lord, and look to celebrate the goodness of God and of his creation as we journey to COP (both physically and spiritually)

full of conviction,

We believe that change is needed urgently, and this will take commitment.

Constraining this crisis requires significant change in the immediate future, including at COP26, in the preparation leading up to it, and the church’s continued response after it. This leads us to actions which are focused on making a difference. We do not define this success narrowly, but we care about being faithful with the time that we have. 

We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence, not perfection.

We acknowledge that we are not perfect, and hold to the assurance that change comes from God, not from ourselves, despite the high view we take on human agency and responsibility. We work for God, and draw our strength from him, not from ourselves. We act because we know that God is powerful, and we seek to engage in his power by prayer and acts of faith. 

We remain rooted in prayer, drawing strength from our Creator; we proceed in humility, acknowledging our own limits; and we act in faith that God will supply our needs and use our labours for his glory.

Image by Josh Boot