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Find out more about the story and campaign driving the relay. 


opportunity and decision

COP26 is a moment of opportunity and of decision. We can choose to respond to the call of climate justice. We can choose to raise our voices alongside our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering disproportionately due to climate injustice.  We can choose to mark this moment of COP26 by holding our government accountable to delivering and exceeding the promised $100bn/year in climate finance. 


Our sisters and our brothers in churches around the world are losing their livelihoods and homes, and we will stand with them. Climate-vulnerable countries must be able to access finance for adaptation and loss and damages without incurring further climate-related debt. 


In years to come, we want the UK church to look back on 2021 and say “we did not sit at home while unjust decisions were made on our doorstep, we set sail towards a just future”. 



Our core team put together these values in the initial planning process to communicate the heart of this relay, and our plans for how we hope to see it grow.

Accessible, Inclusive, Diverse

We believe that acting for climate justice involves all of us, and we should be inclusive in our activism.

Celebratory, Generous, Fun

Our strength comes from our love for God, people, and creation. We do not act out of guilt, but out of hope and love.

Full of Conviction, Faith-Centric, Humble

We remain rooted in prayer; we proceed in humility; and we act in faith

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what are we asking for?

​We are calling upon the UK Government to: 

  1. Reinstate the foreign aid budget to pre-COVID levels. 

  2. Secure agreement from rich countries to double the commitment of $100bn a year for climate finance

  3. Develop with other governments and international organisations a new regulated climate loss and damage mechanism which not only saves lives but livelihoods.

  4. Push for the debts of the world’s poorest countries to be cancelled so they can better confront the climate crisis and other urgent priorities

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walk with us to glasgow.

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what can i do?


Being part of the journey is an opportunity to join with others travelling, praying, and advocating for climate justice this year as we #RiseToTheMoment.


We welcome people arranging and walking additions for parts of the country that aren't already covered by our route.


We've put together some guides to help you as you prepare and plan for this relay. This includes social media communications, and how to make actions accessible.


Join us on at 10 Residency hubs at main cities along the route. Organising events at each of these stops is a major way of us advocating for climate justice

Other Forms of Participation

Help us with other forms of participation including: media, events, content creation, support, and much more!

Not on the Route?

Check out our Local Celebration Guide to see how you can engage with this Relay in your local area in a way that embodies our value of fun and celebration.

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representation of hope

We are using a boat as a symbol of our relay. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been recognition that “We’re in the same storm, but not in the same boat”. As young people under 30, we are mindful that we are on the course of another storm too; over half of all emissions have been released in our lifetimes, and global average temperatures are set to rise by several degrees over the decades ahead. The consequences of this storm will not be felt equally, but they will be felt acutely.

This boat is a representation of our hope that we would #RiseToTheMoment and use this year to set sail towards a more just future.