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relay updates

We will try to keep this page as updated as we can, so check back here for our latest news!

  • Route Map!

    Route Map!

    We've been bubbling away with plans behind-the-scenes, including solidifying roles and what we will need help with! We've also got more of an idea where our route is going - see the chart for more details (click to see a larger version of it).

    We hope to have more detail coming shortly, along with a new sign-up form to indicate what specific help you can give.

  • Volunteer Map!

    Volunteer Map!

    Our daily route is almost drafted, and we are almost there with what volunteer requirements we will need! Have a look at our Volunteer Map below to see where we're up to, and check the Timeline to see the latest updates on Route and Residencies (click on the images to see larger versions). We are chipping away at the details, and excited at the shape it is taking.

    Our new sign-up form is almost finished, and we will shortly be in contact with those who have already signed up to get them plugged in.

  • Update One!

    Update One!

    We've started planning our route, and we're in touch with other groups and organisations who are planning on taking action ahead of COP26

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walk with us to glasgow.

 Young Christian Climate Network 

We are an action-focused community of young Christians in the UK aged 18-30, choosing to follow Jesus in the pursuit of climate justice.

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