Relay to cop26

In 2020, YCCN organised a Relay pilgrimage to COP26, mobilising churches and individuals across the UK to walk and pray for climate justice. We journeyed in faith, hope, and love all the way from the G7 in Cornwall up to the COP26 international climate conference, being joined and hosted with great kindness by local volunteers as we went. The Relay called upon the church and the government leaders at COP26 to 'rise to the moment'. Our political focus was on climate finance: communicating through MPs, we demanded that the UK government pushed for a COP that prioritised the financial needs of climate-vulnerable developing nations. We believe that no country should go into debt because of climate change.

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what happened at cop?

The Glasgow Climate Pact - What was agreed?

  • Promises made in the deal keep the world on track for 2.4°C warming. This would be catastrophic for millions of people.

  • A commitment is made to ‘phase down’ coal - but this is weaker than the pledge made in an earlier draft to ‘phase out’ coal. No mention at all is made of phasing out oil & gas.

  • Countries now have to revise their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) every year in the hope that this will accelerate the strengthening of climate finance commitments.

  • Devastatingly, no agreement at all has been reached on loss & damage. Rich nations have refused to accept their responsibility for this crisis.

Overall, we are disappointed. Nations from the frontlines of the climate crisis did not have equal representation at COP, and that seems to have been reflected in the Pact: it lacks a true understanding of the present emergency that our brothers and sisters across the world are facing. We prioritised climate finance in our campaigning, and we are angry that wealthy nations have done so little to take responsibility. Trust is vital if COP27, in Egypt, is going to do better than the Glasgow Pact. Trust is created only when promises are kept.

Change is possible: and we know that we all need to keep praying and fighting for it in the coming years.

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